New summer project

35°C outside? On holiday in Italy, Spain or Greece? We’re not 🙂 But we have mixed something that might fit with that experience. For candle makers who love to match their company-origin or just want to go for a full sustainable, non-food-competitive, vegan, paraffin-free wax: 100% Olive wax […]

Vegan tealights?

A small update of one of our labprojects. We made a 100% vegan wax recipe. This means it’s 100% vegetal wax. In this recipe there’s about 80% of rapeseed wax and about 20% of olive wax. So it’s not only just vegan, but also palm-free. Both raw materials […]

3 ongoing projects

We are so excited about our results in the lab that we would like to share a small review on what we’re doing in the lab. Project 1: 100% fatty acid pillar candles Not always easy to get rid of all the typical crystals that comes with pure […]

Ncast-productpage in 8 languages

Good news for all those who speak English, German, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Polish, Swedish and/or Dutch…. Our productpage is now available in 8 different languages. For those we do speak one of these languages, go on! For those who don’t, sorry. But I’m sure if you can read […]

6th World Candle Congress

On April 28th thru May 1st 2019 the 6th World Candle Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain. 3 Mayor candle associations are the hosts of this world-class barrier braking, global event. (AECM, ECA and ALAFAVE). As a member of ALAFAVE (Latin American Candle Manufactures Association) we feel […]

33 billion reasons to read this article on candles

…and our reason for not taking part in the climate demonstrations After several years of watching the climate debate develop – and after watching so many protests on climate change – I would like to point to a solution, instead of participating in non-constructive arguments and doomsday scenarios. […]

100% natural wax

Nchem supports the production of true sustainable candles: 100% natural wax, paraffin-free, palm-free, 100% European sourced raw materials. At the fair Christmasworld 2019 in Frankfurt, Wenzel kerzen and Cup Candle presented a new series of pressed and dipped candles. The ‘Pure’ candles consist of 100% natural and European […]