New summer project

35°C outside? On holiday in Italy, Spain or Greece? We’re not 🙂

But we have mixed something that might fit with that experience. For candle makers who love to match their company-origin or just want to go for a full sustainable, non-food-competitive, vegan, paraffin-free wax: 100% Olive wax ! !

Why is Olive wax so sustainable?

Well, it’s local produced (Europe) Than we don’t talk about outside Europe produced crop and European processed. No, it’s fully European grown and processed. And as it’s about olives, that means southern Europe

80% Olive fat, 20% Olive fatty acid 0,2% – 1% Ncast 1272 / Ncast 1231 Polycarbonate maxi tealightcup

Why is Olive wax not food-competitive?

As olive trees are mainly grown to produce olive oil by pressing the olives, everybody knows that this is mainly done by cold-pressing (and warm-pressing). The residual pulp however still contains big amounts of oil, actually we should call that fat as it is more or less solid at room temperature. The residual fat is extracted by solvents (which are recuperated of course) and is therefor not suitable for human consumption. So the agricultural area is double used: first for food and the leftovers for technical application. While for example rapeseed and soy there’s only 1 option: or for food or for technical application. Or when you grow crops like rapeseed and soy for non-nutritive oil, that’s area where could have been grown other crops. Plus, rapeseed and soy have to be re-grown every year, while olive-trees stay a few decades.

80% Olive fat, 20% Olive fatty acid6% fragrance3 – 5% Ncast 1272 / Ncast 6172

And now?

Can’t find any candle like that? contact your candle-supplier, call them, email them, and tell them about this page. Maybe we are already in contact with them or maybe they will contact us, but we can help them out in order to produce nice sustainable, 100% natural wax candles. Our Ncast additives make such a waxes look nice, even with fragrance, even when it’s 35°C outside.

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