Another breakthrough

It’s been a while rather quiet, but behind the scene we were continuing our labwork. Look at this, I will explain below what it is: Well, it is 100% rapeseed wax with: 5 parts fragrance, 0,2 parts colorant and just 1 part Ncast 6172, our new promising grade […]

New summer project

35°C outside? On holiday in Italy, Spain or Greece? We’re not 🙂 But we have mixed something that might fit with that experience. For candle makers who love to match their company-origin or just want to go for a full sustainable, non-food-competitive, vegan, paraffin-free wax: 100% Olive wax […]

Vegan tealights?

A small update of one of our labprojects. We made a 100% vegan wax recipe. This means it’s 100% vegetal wax. In this recipe there’s about 80% of rapeseed wax and about 20% of olive wax. So it’s not only just vegan, but also palm-free. Both raw materials […]