Earth Day 2021

Earth Day, one of our favorite events. However many people ask themselves “What difference can I make?”

Well, there are many things you can do as an individual but there’s one topic we want to point out: candles. We wrote about it already in one of our first posts (here) but we notice that still a lot of people don’t seem to know that burning a paraffine candle is the most non-renewable thing you can do on a day like this. And this while there are perfect alternatives that are 100% renewable: natural wax. Natural waxes are derived from natural oils like rapeseed (canola), sunflower, olive, palm,…..

For the first time this topic has been picked up by one of our politicians (Belgium) So we are happy that this topic has finally reached a level higher in consumer awareness. Although we have contacted several NGO’s in the field of eco-awareness, nobody cared.

Thank you Dries Van Langenhove for this short videotopic, we are happy to share your link for supporting your brand new mediachannel:

See the video below or follow Dries on social media (facebookTelegram) Dries is a young ambitious inspirational influencer and politician who promote to make this place a better one for everyone.

“On ‘Earth Hour’ and ‘Earth Day’, today, we think about a better environment. One of the popular things to do is switching of lights and make it cosy with candles. But did you know it would make a big difference which candle to burn? A lot of candles contain paraffin. Paraffin is derived from petroleum. So you think you are doing something good for the environment, but actually you are not doing any favor for the planet. Choose for candles made from natural wax, a renewable raw material. The production is sustainable and could happen local. Good news: they are better for the environment and most of the time not more expensive. Avoid import candles from outside Europe and choose for sustainable cosyness with natural wax. the environment and our economy would be very gratefull.”

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