Stad Mechelen: Circulair ondernemen

De stad Mechelen heeft in het kader van zijn project ‘circulair ondernemen’ een artikeltje toegewijd aan onze onderneming. Voor zij die hier terechtgekomen zijn door het artikel en op zoek zijn naar natuurlijke was:

FedEx Small Business Grant

We didn’t really focused on our participation, it was even a last minute late night online admission…..But Nchem is finalist for Belgium for the FedEx Small Business Grant….. Our finalist page: here Hurray 🙂 Funny part? We are customer but our account isn’t working anymore more for months […]

Earth Day 2021

Earth Day, one of our favorite events. However many people ask themselves “What difference can I make?” Well, there are many things you can do as an individual but there’s one topic we want to point out: candles. We wrote about it already in one of our first […]

World Candle Day

March 1st 2021 Why a World Candle Day A tradition to be preserved In many parts of the world, candles are mostly used during Christmas and winter time. The World Candle Day aims at showing how candles can be used throughout the year to create a unique atmosphere, […]

Another breakthrough

It’s been a while rather quiet, but behind the scene we were continuing our labwork. Look at this, I will explain below what it is: Well, it is 100% rapeseed wax with: 5 parts fragrance, 0,2 parts colorant and just 1 part Ncast 6172, our new promising grade […]

New summer project

35°C outside? On holiday in Italy, Spain or Greece? We’re not 🙂 But we have mixed something that might fit with that experience. For candle makers who love to match their company-origin or just want to go for a full sustainable, non-food-competitive, vegan, paraffin-free wax: 100% Olive wax […]

Vegan tealights?

A small update of one of our labprojects. We made a 100% vegan wax recipe. This means it’s 100% vegetal wax. In this recipe there’s about 80% of rapeseed wax and about 20% of olive wax. So it’s not only just vegan, but also palm-free. Both raw materials […]

3 ongoing projects

We are so excited about our results in the lab that we would like to share a small review on what we’re doing in the lab. Project 1: 100% fatty acid pillar candles Not always easy to get rid of all the typical crystals that comes with pure […]

Ncast-productpage in 8 languages

Good news for all those who speak English, German, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Polish, Swedish and/or Dutch…. Our productpage is now available in 8 different languages. For those we do speak one of these languages, go on! For those who don’t, sorry. But I’m sure if you can read […]

6th World Candle Congress

On April 28th thru May 1st 2019 the 6th World Candle Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain. 3 Mayor candle associations are the hosts of this world-class barrier braking, global event. (AECM, ECA and ALAFAVE). As a member of ALAFAVE (Latin American Candle Manufactures Association) we feel […]