Another breakthrough

It’s been a while rather quiet, but behind the scene we were continuing our labwork.

Look at this, I will explain below what it is:

One of the projects last summer: 100% rapeseed

Well, it is 100% rapeseed wax with: 5 parts fragrance, 0,2 parts colorant and just 1 part Ncast 6172, our new promising grade

  • Wax sticks nicely to the glass
  • A- as good as flat surface, just a very little vertical shrinkage
  • no sweating (and it wasn’t that cold last months, right?)
  • no paraffin! (nore other petrochemical products, 100% natural wax remains our goal)

Ncast 6172

  • New grade for (rapeseed) wax, fragranced and colored
  • Glass jar application

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